Sunday, 1 January 2012



I have just rediscovered my blog once again - only 18 months on!

Well, to update: 2011 was a tough year in more ways than one, Our families have (and are) going through some pretty messy stuff in their lives. We are in our final year of Neddy's 3 year Degree at Durham Univeristy studying Theology and Ministry and training to be a vicar. In the summer of 2011 we found out that we are going to serve our curacy in Acomb Parish (south west York) which is amazing news!

Living in York will be fantastic for a few reasons; we will be close to family again - like a 10 minute drive close! I will be much nearer the hospital which will take the strain, cost and hassle of getting to Leeds away considerably. We will also be close to good theatre (Riding Lights Theatre Co in particular!) and along with that, a whole collection of friends who we don't get to see nearly enough. York is also a brilliant and beautiful city to live in and the parish we will be serving in looks exciting and full of adventure!

As you can tell, I'm pretty elated about the move. In all honesty, I'm also looking forward to getting out of Durham. It is sad to say that in some ways, as we have made some very special friends here (although most of them have moved away to serve curacy's too!) It is also a beautiful city in many ways. However, I can't say that living in Durham has been at all good for my health. We live on a steep hill and the city is built on hill which means that I haven't cycled in years (minus the odd failed attempt!) I also find getting around the city very tiring and so am reluctant to do it, which means I need to find forms of exercise elsewhere... this has become a vicious cycle really. The other big frustration of Durham has been that we live in very cold and drafty houses so everyone in our little 12 house community is forever getting ill and passing germs around. Both Ned and I have been ill more regularly since living in Durham.

In 2011 I don't thing my FEV1 blows ever made it above 45% which is a very sobering fact. Over the year this has brought me and my perspective on life down to earth with a bump. Ned and I have to talk about mortality and the 'what if's' because it's much more real now. It was a tough day back in the early summer, when meeting our potential incumbent and his wife for the first time, the wife asked if it was true that I was expecting a baby... of course we laughed it off, but then had to bring up the reality of Ned's priorities in work if I were to get seriously ill... not a cosy conversation! (I am sorry for how bleak this sounds...)

As for our hope for a baby, we are really none the wiser, but I am less well and currently waiting for a bed at Jimmies for mid-January. My blows in the last two visits to the hospital have been around 36%.


After such a depressing forecast where do we go!?

Well, first and foremost - God is good and his love endures forever! He brought me to earth to work on his terms and my job is to work out what those terms are. I am so very blessed to have incredible family and friends all over the country - specifically friends who have gorgeous little children that I may be honored enough to love and care for when we visit! 

(my beautiful God daughter Evielicious just turned 2 years old)

I can tell you that I am rubbish at taking my medicine and this is where my health fails. 


I have made a serious (actual made and signed and everything!) contract with Neddy on 30th Dec 2011 which states that I must do/have/take every bit of physio, medicine, tablet, exercise between now (31st) and 7th January if I want to go on the holiday that we have already booked and paid for (last summer!) with our close friends! One thing I can do is short - term commitment, so I think I will make it through!

After this I will go into hospital for two weeks of the usual and I am hoping and praying that the combination of the 3 weeks of concentrated work and drugs will really boost my blows.

2012 Goals and aims

It seems appropriate to note down what I'm hoping for in 2012 so that, in 12 months time, I can look at what I accomplished (and possibly more importantly, what I didn't manage!)

  • I would like to make my health a priority again... this is always a goal but I need to find new ways to make this happen I guess!
  • I would like my FEV to be back above 50% (currently at 36%)
  • I would like to reach 9 stone and stay there! (currently closer to 8st)
  • I would like to make new friends in Acomb and find out what God's plan for me is once I'm back in York
  • I would like to achieve some kind of regular solo Bible reading time (I'm rubbish at this discipline too... not great for a curates wife-to-be!)
  • I'm just going to put it out there... I would love, love, love a baby of my own. Not much would make me happier.
On that note, I have some medicine to inhale!!!

See you when I see you...

Sarah :o)